Am i out of shape?

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default Am i out of shape?

Post by BtheLee94 on Wed 27 Jul 2011, 06:43

Okay, when i'm dancing to a song. I notice that i get really tired really quickly, i sweat a lot and i find myself at a loss of breath. though when i'm playing sports or i'm performing at gigs i'm usually running my butt off in sports and i'm jumping around going crazy with a 10 pound instrument strapped to my neck. I'm just curious as to why this happens, my leg muscles are pretty strong, i'm 140 and i can squat around 280 so i don't think leg muscles are problem. So what's up? why do i lose it so quickly when i see all these other dancers keep it so cool after doing 4-5 songs?
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default Re: Am i out of shape?

Post by Garry on Wed 27 Jul 2011, 09:29

Dancing uses a higher metabolic rate, much the same as aerobic exercise or an olympic sprinter. If your body mass is heavier and more tuned to weights and things like football, as opposed to marathon running, you'll notice the difference a lot.

Practice will reshape your muscle structure, generally loosing a lot of bulk muscle weight, but your body chemistry and genetic structure will contribute to your ability just as it does to a long distance runner, basketball pro or footballer.

Your body size does make a difference, but you can adapt your shuffling to suit your build.

For instance with females, belly dancing and swaying your hips needs some amount of fat to give inertia to the sway. A thin person finds it difficult to do the moves because there's no weight on the hips to move around.

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