I'd kill for a Dallas TX meet up

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default I'd kill for a Dallas TX meet up

Post by Titan on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 07:48

Anyone on here willing to try and get one going. I can't seem to find any true hardstyle shufflers in Dallas. Its all mainstream horrible LMFAO stuff that just doesnt look right/flow...No offense to anyone out there starting because of that.

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default Re: I'd kill for a Dallas TX meet up

Post by Garry on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 08:49

I take your comments and post title as very offensive. You have been banned for ever, you show remarkable cruelty and intolerance to other shufflers in this time of great sorrow, and even think it's funny.

In accord with new rules on this forum which it is YOUR responsibility to know as a member of this forum http://mso1.cultureforum.net/t1167-racist-abuse#7630

Your name, IP number and details will be forwarded to the Texas State Police, the USA anti terrorist authorities and the Norwegian Police to alert them to your kill threats.

Any kill threat or threat of harm on this forum will meet the same response. All hate posts are taken as real and you will be dealt with according to international laws regarding terrorism, racism and bigotry.

It will be regarded as especially disturbing and serious, when you think it's a joke.

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