There goes nothing :). New shuffle vid from Slovenia: Kosi.

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default There goes nothing :). New shuffle vid from Slovenia: Kosi.

Post by Kosi12 on Wed 17 Aug 2011, 11:04

Yoyoyo Guys! As said be4, new shuffle vid by Kosi.

It is maybe a bit f*cked up, I wasn't allowed to shuffle much so I didn't. Probbably that's why there r not so many tricks in the vid. Promise that new vid will have tricks & stuff in it Wink. WELL check it out, posting older vids up also. CoMMenT, if u liked sub me on youtube, keep in touch on forum also, will post every new vid on here. Ahh ye also, u may see older vids be4.



Eya Smile. Im Kosi. I come from Slovenia a small country in middle Europe. Here is my youtube channel if you want 2 see me shuffle Razz.:
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