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Post by Kirby677 on Fri 09 Mar 2012, 12:01

Hi MSO, my name is Brandon but you can refer to me as Kirby.
Iím a high schooler from the great white north whoís looking to get into some
shuffling. I canít remember what prompted me to look some videos up on Youtube
but they certainly got me inspired pretty quickly to try and pick it up.
For the longest time Iíve done this weird mash up between
the crip walk and the shuffle, sans the Running Man. Itís not something I
practiced, itís more of a tick but after seeing how real shuffling is done itís
inspired me to hone what little I can do and make it into the real shuffle. I
mostly just want to refine and practice a professional form of something Iíve
been doing for a bit now. I've got the balance and the stamina so I thought why not, it looks like a lot of fun.

Ever since I was like 10 Iíve been on the internet and ever
since Iíve been on the internet Iíve been a big fan of hardstyle and
underground electric music. Hardstyleís my favourite. Iíve been getting into
dubstep but hardstyle is much more exciting and thrilling to listen to. Itís
been on and off as Iím a really open minded musician who listens to all sorts
of things but hardstyle has never gone and left for good. Itís always been
there and Iíve always wanted to know how itís danced to properly.

Being an open minded musician I dabble in making lots of
kinds of music. I mostly play the sax for a jazz band but Iíve been practicing
FL studio for a few months now and Iím really excited to try and learn how to
write hardstyle as I learn to shuffle.

Iíve browsed around the board a little and the community
looks amazing really. Garry seems like a legit guy whoís sincere about what he
hosts and really wants to see his community thrive so thanks for making this
place and maintaining it.

Iíve seen Garry rant a little about how people will come on
and try and mess with some of the people on the boards and just how shuffling
is an inclusive culture in general and doesnít tolerate hate and stuff. That
message really speaks to me and Iíd love to get on board with anything that has
that association, especially when itís shuffling.

Iím excited to learn to shuffle and Iím excited to share and
chat with this community. Iím not a forum person, I have a hard time
frequenting communities but I really wanna buckle down and stick around. Sorry if the intro's a little long too, that's sort of just me wanting to get my foot in the door in terms of 'sticking around' if that makes sense.
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default Re: Hi!

Post by Adamc96 on Fri 09 Mar 2012, 22:57

Hey! Welcome to forum! I like to read this kinds of stories Very Happy I also tried to write Hardstyle, but it was to hard to me (i think this is why its called HARDstlye Very Happy), so now i just like to listen to it Smile.

Sorry for bad english Embarassed

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default Re: Hi!

Post by Garry on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 00:45

Nice words thankyou and welcome to the forum Kirby677

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default Re: Hi!

Post by Frequency on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 06:41

Welcome to the forum Smile


-Thank you OneEightFour for the signature.
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default Re: Hi!

Post by AivKz on Fri 16 Mar 2012, 23:21

Welcome to the forum ^_^ Smile

Hardstyle makes me feel alive!!!//Keep Calm and SHUFFLE ON!!!
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