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default Any crews?

Post by Pyrobug on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 12:27

Hey guys Collin or a.k.a. Pyrobug and I have recently started shuffling. I was wondering if there are any crews in Ohio I could join. I am going to start posting videos of me shuffling and hope i can get positive feedback and friendly tips to improve on what area Im sloppy in. I only started 2 months ago so I may be rusty but please let me know if there are any crews in OH I can join.
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default Re: Any crews?

Post by S7eamboy on Mon 18 Jun 2012, 07:14

I live in Ohio, but there is a crew that takes recruits all over the US. They are the Hard Bass Shufflers. check out their page! You could join, they're still taking members. I hope this helped,

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