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Post by Garry on Tue 17 Apr 2012, 11:02

Norway Killings

As we were preparing for our first meet-up in Drammen Norway, a modern day 33 year old nazi Anders Breivik, who had spent years using computer war 'games' to train to murder innocent people, went on a sick and insane rampage, killing 77 innocent unarmed people going about their daily life, most of them teens on a summer camp.

He says he had to do it in self defence, because other people of this planet are a threat to Europe and Christianity. 'Other people' he defines as other races and religions. We would like to hear more voices condemning this attitude.

Our thoughts are with those who have suffered in Norway, the victims who have survived, the families of the fallen, the friends and loved ones who have been torn apart with sorrow at this time, when the world will be focusing on this trial forcing them to relive the agony and loss all over again. Members of this forum losts friends and family in this terror and we ask forum members to be respectful and considerate to their pain at this time.

We will be updating from time to time.

'Licensed to hunt traitors'
Mass killer Anders Breivik, who believed he had a human hunting permit, weeps in court - but not out of remorse for his crimes - he wanted to kill more and start a war

Before police could arrest him, he went on to kill five more people.

"The accused has committed very serious crimes of a degree we have not seen in our country in modern times," one of the two prosecutors, Inga Bejer Engh, told the court.

He "created fear in the Norwegian population."

In the Utoeya massacre, she said "there was panic and fear of death among children and adults."

"He shot at people who were fleeing or hiding, or who he lured out by saying he was a policeman," Ms Engh said, noting that most of the 69 dead were killed by bullets to the head.

Fifty-six of the shooting victims were under the age of 20, and the youngest victim had just celebrated his 14th birthday, she said.

Breivik has previously described his actions as a "cruel but necessary" act of self-defence against those he considered to be "state traitors" for opening Norway up to multiculturalism and allowing the "Muslim invasion" of Europe.

He faces either 21 years in prison - a sentence that could thereafter be extended indefinitely if he is still considered a threat to society - or closed psychiatric care, possibly for life.

Breivik wants to be found sane and accountable for his actions so that his ideology and manifesto will not be considered the ravings of a lunatic.


There is no justification killing innocent people at any time for any reason. We won't be retailiating with hate against this obviously sick individual, he'll spend the rest of his life in jail, whether considered sane or not.

Instead we will live life to the fullest with no retreat from our desire to bring about a new world where all peoples are valid and welcomed to live their lives in peace, and be ever vigilant for the vile nazi's who infect this planet with their saditic hatred and cruelty.

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