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Post by Brett on Mon 05 Jan 2009, 03:15

Hello! I guess I'll start out simple. I'm Brett from United States, Pennsylvania. Not proud of it. Razz

I remember about 5-6 months ago my brother came over to my house and told me of the RAVE KID video on YouTube. That day I did some massive overnight research. Found out that it was called the Melbourne Shuffle. Next day I looked up on how to do the Melbourne Shuffle. Found out it's actually pretty easy.

So ever since then I've been practising with the help of BigMilan's video tutorials on YouTube.
I'm not good yet. I kind of paused there and did some glowsticking.

I like hardstyle music the best. But house is really nice too. I don't like trance much because a lot of times, there's not really a beat, just sounds of like environment and stuff I guess. so eh yeah.

I hope to be pretty active.

I also plan to make a clan with some of my friends. This town NEEDS some bass. bounce
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