Hey Guys, new to the site from NY

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default Hey Guys, new to the site from NY

Post by louiebarbs on Tue 18 Sep 2012, 14:43

So yeah I just came across this site & it looks pretty cool. I've been shuffling on & off for maybe 2 years now, but picked up heavy again in the past couple of months. I first learned about shuffling when I went to my first rave & fell in love with the music. Ever since then I looked more into shuffling & started to try it out. To this day, I love shuffling but I never really get to express it around since no one I know is into it =/

I'm still kinda sucky despite all the time I've been with it, but I'm getting better now! I was at Electric Zoo the other week and found some shufflers & I showed them some of my moves & they seemed pretty impressed so I was happy lol

I still need to learn more moves though, and I need to find people who are into shuffling as much as I am now. So I figured I try this site out Very Happy

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default Re: Hey Guys, new to the site from NY

Post by Garry on Tue 18 Sep 2012, 15:02

Hi louiebarbs welcome to the forum, yep you've got the right site to learn more moves and find other shufflers.

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