IM BACK!working on a new 2013 event/Meet

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default IM BACK!working on a new 2013 event/Meet

Post by hardcore_shuffler on Fri 21 Dec 2012, 09:01

okay.i'd like to start off with.hello again Garry:)been awhile.Your a great Administrator,as well as mentor....As for the more recent vewiers and commers.WELCOME TO MSO!the beggining of the era of shuffle.Garry,the administrator can answer any of your questions,and take you serously as a person.unlike the administrators of say facebook or myspace or some social network...

I am working on a newer Shuffle Meet/rave event.this will not be an underground event.due to the LAST event,i apologize to those who came and didn't enjoy themselves.i hope EVERYONE had a GREAT time.HOWEVER,not as many people had showed up as hoped,and the event was shut down by the Naples community.I am NOW working on a NEW event.once again,for a charity event(for publicity and money going to a good cause)as well as a competition.however,last time,choreo was not finished,and not too many teams or dancers arrived.DANCERS will NOT be charged.any dance is accepted for the event.stage shows will be held till night.time and date has'nt been decided yet.and Garry,if People ask for PERSONAL questions,feel free to release my contact information.the event will be determined with the people of the dance community's availability,i want to make sure the SITE for the location is predetermined,and the people will be able to make flights/ect have to be descussed as well please.please minimal to no drugs or vulgarity of any sort,this is an event for all ages and races.The location will be sectioned off,,and spectators will be charged to be up close to the stage.prices will be minimal,or free,depending on what best suits the event.Dj's and guest stars are also uninounced as of now,so please,DJ's,feel free to will be provided.TRACKS for choreography,ect,must be age appropriate.the event will most likely be held in Naples,FL,or surrounding Florida areas.the event is also undecided if it will be a touring event.

please feel free to comment,question,or suggest anything.funding is covered already for the event itself,but still open to ideas:cheers:

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default Re: IM BACK!working on a new 2013 event/Meet

Post by Garry on Mon 24 Dec 2012, 21:53

HEy Bonez, sounding good, keep us updated Smile Merry Christmas santa

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