EHA Starkk - A Flowing Dream

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default EHA Starkk - A Flowing Dream

Post by StarkkShuffler on Mon 18 Feb 2013, 19:03

Shuffler's aren't born to dance. A shuffler is born when the world needs to be changed and the only thing people can hear is the beat of his feet. His flowing dream..

Please tell me what you think of this new experimental effect, I can always change it back to normal, just wanted to know what you think! Critique me on what I can do better and practice on.

Youtube Channel: Please support my dancing by watching my Dance videos and giving me tips. I try to be unique and myself, inventing my own moves and practicing.

Also be sure to check out my new channel of Shufflers who made history!

And check out my new wikia I'm working on, I could use some help with some awesome articles of shufflers!


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default Re: EHA Starkk - A Flowing Dream

Post by Garry on Fri 22 Feb 2013, 09:32

That's a nice looking effect, see if you can get some more detail in the dark bits, it'll be a very slight adjustment

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