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default How to practice shuffling

Post by djalphaomega on Mon 29 Jul 2013, 05:30

hai guys,
I have been shuffling for about three months and I know lots of moves but idk why it doesn't look right??? help plz.
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default Re: How to practice shuffling

Post by Garry on Mon 29 Jul 2013, 07:33

Hi djalphaomega, welcome to the forum. It depends who you are comparing yourself to, when you ask why doesn't your shuffling look right.

If you're comparing yourself to pro members on this forum, it will take you at least 2 years from scratch as a non dancer, to get to their level.

If you have never done dance classes before, or you don't play sports such as soccer (football) which give you lots of foot / leg skills in the game, then the first 6 months shuffling will be mostly strengthening your legs and feet to cope with shuffling.

Shuffling is a balistic physical activity, meaning you go from a stop position to a full flight shuffle in less than a second and you will pull all sorts of tendons and muscles doing that unless you gradually build your strength and train your body for shuffling.

The first few steps are easy, which is why we suggest them to beginners. They're something you can learn in a few minutes and you can see your improvements pretty quickly.

But to get beyond just shuffling for a bit of fun and wanting to improve to a more pro level, that'll take time and practice, mostly practice.

Virtually all issues with shuffling can be fixed with practice Smile

It's best for you to go through our tutorials, links below, all the beginner questions have pretty much been answered, and there's lots of examples and training exercises, stretching exercises and explainations for why we do stuff one way and not another, and the whole concept of shuffling being to be creative and develop your own style and moves.

For us to give you more detailed advise we need to see a short video of you shuffling, 30-60 seconds will do or longer, so we can see your moves and body type and the state of your physical fitness.

Shuffling is a physical activity, most shufflers 'need' to do something physical or otherwise they get irritable. So practice for them is not a chore, but a pleasure, it gets their blood pumping, they feel alive, your brain thinks faster, your general physical well being improves with the increased blood and oxygen flows and activity, especially when you're still in your teens and you need activity to flex and strengthen developing muscles.

You might find practicing a surprise, like it's something you enjoy that you never really thought about before. You'll huff and puff to start but day after day you'll see improvements, not just with your dancing but just walking down the street, or sitting in a chair, your body will thankyou Smile

So give these tutorials a go, do them in your own time. Some moves will come quickly some moves will take 12 months.

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