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Post by StarkkShuffler on Mon 23 Sep 2013, 16:01

Just made an official youtube page for the Official Melbourne Shuffle Wikia, MelbourneShuffleWikiaTv, Keep up with the latest articles of shufflers and video content we will have to offer in the future. We will be doing videos showcasing some of the wikia's shufflers in interviews. To be involved in the interview you must email why you think you deserve to be showcased on the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia Channel, please email .Other projects such as advertising articles of shufflers on youtube channels will be happening as well. Share this with any shufflers, friends or family so if they are interested in being interviewed they can get the chance to! - Starkk aka The Arclight 

We will review your answers and being featured on the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia or it's videos is a privilege. To make an article on the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia all you have to do is register

Shufflers who cause problems will not be featured on the wikia because it just creates a bad vibe and promotes negativity and that's not what shuffling is all about. 

For all business inquiries or ideas to add to the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia you can reach the Founder at

Youtube Channel: Please support my dancing by watching my Dance videos and giving me tips. I try to be unique and myself, inventing my own moves and practicing.

Also be sure to check out my new channel of Shufflers who made history!

And check out my new wikia I'm working on, I could use some help with some awesome articles of shufflers!

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