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Post by budskeez420 on Mon 30 Nov 2009, 03:04

Haha well my names Hugo but i prefer HURZ Smile
i started shuffling three months back and thanks to my girl Very Happy
Well what happened really is she asked me if i wanted to see the most amzing thing in the world. (this was before i knew what shuffling was)
And well she showed me Moonboy's video on youtube..
Man i can STILL remember that day like it was yesterday. When i first saw it, my jaw literally dropped O.o lol
no lie.. and then a couple days later after watching it like a hundred timez haha xD
i thought to myself..
Maybe i could do that.. so i tried it and in 45 min i got running man down.
And two weeks later i made my first vid..
Two months later i taught some of my friends and started my own crew.
I had ALOT of practice.. but i still feel like a noob xD
and Moonboy is STILL my idol.. ahahaha xD
Well thats how i started.. watch my viddz everyone RADIOakaTECHNO
haha peace out for now - HURZ

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