Lil-Cee//Lil-Neko is sort of back! XD

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default Lil-Cee//Lil-Neko is sort of back! XD

Post by Neko-Chan on Sun 31 Jan 2010, 17:08

Anyways this is my progress on strengthening my ankle. I have no idea why I made a video. I guess I was super bored. Umm...My motions had to be slowed due too I can't go very hard or fast due my ankle injury. My friend choose my music and I hate it for it cause I look more of a noob then I'm already. XD Advice on transitioning and kicks would be awesome. I have a quick question. What program do you guys use for your video making? 'Cause as you can see Windows Movie Maker can't mute the actual video thing.

Don't ask why I am wearing knee high soxs XD my friend made me. And she's a b**** for not holding the camera! She's freaking addicting to farmville! XD
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