..^^" final shuffle vid..PRETTY PRO!!^^"

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default ..^^" final shuffle vid..PRETTY PRO!!^^"

Post by angel95linsao on Fri 02 Apr 2010, 16:04

ok so0o i dun wnna brag...cause i hve been shuffling for a year compared to sum of youse ppl...^^"
buhh yeh.. i stopped shuffle...(bored)....so0o imma c walk...
i just thought that i should put a vid here...cause ive watched thousands of vids...nn heaps on this site..buhh(only SOME ppl r waayy good)...
so0o here..
edit failure at the intro nn ending..T_T"(sides)...

so comment
sub pls..



ohh nn btw...i just went better foh the last 4 months..i fink..
so0o pls dont expect much from my old vids..^^"
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