What impresses art schools in a sketchbook?

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default What impresses art schools in a sketchbook?

Post by Guest on Sun 30 May 2010, 21:47

I am currently working on my latest sketchbook, filling it up etc. I'm a
Sophmore in a technical high school for Commercial Art and I'm starting
to think about art college etc. I already have a portfolio started, but
my technical teacher mentioned something about sketchbooks. What really
impresses art colleges in a sketchbook? What sort of drawings really

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default Re: What impresses art schools in a sketchbook?

Post by Garry on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 18:00

Development over time is the usual thing. They want to see if you can advance yourself. Like over 3-4 years are you able to improve.

If you show no signs of improvement, then there is a possibility you have peaked and further study may be a waste of time.

That's also including general basic design skills and an understanding of what you want to do.

In Melbourne arts course entry levels are fierce and competitive. often 200 applicants for just 20 places sort of thing.

So they figure if you can demonstrate that you can get of your butt and learn stuff yourself, then teaching you will be a breeze, because you have shown you want to learn, and will probably benefit from their school.

If you've worked really hard on a folio just to get into the course, they are a bit sceptical because you may loose interest halfway through, and waste a study space.

But if the school has low numbers, just showing you can put pen or pencil to paper in a half decent way will be enough, which might be fine to get into a course, but you'll suffer when you want to get a job.

In technical design, accuracy and detail are the gods, in fine arts, new ideas rule.

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