Melbourne Global Shuffle Meet Up - 17 May 2008

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default Melbourne Global Shuffle Meet Up - 17 May 2008

Post by Garry on Wed 14 May 2008, 16:59

We have it on good authority that a shuffler or two will be
@ Melbourne State Library steps opposite Melbourne Central 1pm - 3pm

Weather forecast: cold, wet and possible hail, top 15C !!!

soooo, if there's an icy antarctic blast, we'll be in Melbourne Central thawing out, and possibly doing some CommandoShuffling. Try to get some shots on the library steps and paths though, there's some great shots around there.

CommandoShuffling, is 'You get in, you get your shot, you get out...before anyone knows you're there'

Most malls don't mind, if you don't hang around one spot all the time. Spend maybe 5-10 minutes, film a bit of shuffle then move on. There's some great sites around this area, like the 'green thing' building (RMIT Storey Hall), plenty of different footpaths, back lanes etc. Make it like you're exploring for new shots, and of course stop and catch up when you bump into each other.

You will see me there filming RA in his bright fluro yellow overalls. Wink

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