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default are you allowed?

Post by Void on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 07:27

are you allowed to join two groups at a time for a crew?
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default Re: are you allowed?

Post by *-[skitz]-* on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 07:50

ehh, i wouldn't do it dude. theres no rules to shuffling but one of the crews is not gonna like it. and u will most likely get kicked of one or both. or they might be kool with you being in 2. but i wouldn't do it.
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default Re: are you allowed?

Post by Garry on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 15:55

Depends on the crews.

Often smaller crews join together to do bigger projects, like a big meetup, and various members from the smaller crews would also become members of a new larger crew to do bigger things.

At TVU in the oldskool we had our own warehouse and we had our own TV station to broadcast our shuffling, because in 1992 there wasn't even the internet, let alone youtube. Most people still thought computers were the work of the devil. So it was a huge effort.

There were a dozen smaller crews involved, Every Picture tells a story specialised in party production and TVU in broadcast technology, and a dozen smaller 3-5 member crews who had their own shuffle routines, music and costumes.

Everyone would get a hour of broadcast time to do their own spot.

In the broader dance party scene we were all just lumped together as TVU, even though most of us were also in other crews doing stuff in other parties around town and even doing our own parties.

BUT...hehe doesn't mean everyone was happy. There were always fueds and people jumping ship. It was hard to keep up who was friends with who, it changed every week for years.

You'd see crew names on a flyer one week, then the next meetup some were excluded and they'd appear on another crews flyer, and the rumors would spread, and so it goes on right up until today Smile

So you can do it, but some people can take it the wrong way and get really pissed about it, like it's a personal betrayal.

I have oldskool 'friends' who are still grumping about me not filming their party or including them on my weekly tv show TOE - Theory Of Everything 20 years ago !!. There was only so much I could do, and of course they wanted it done for free, when this was my job as a professional artist, it wasn't my hobby.

So you need to sort out this stuff within each crew. You all discuss it, set up the limits so everyone knows where you stand, and try Wink try really really hard to make it work.

For instance the small crews are usually really close friends, and one member gets a chance to be in a much bigger and more famous crews next shuffle vid. It's just a one-off thing (they say..) and they still want to be in your crew.

Do you let them ? By 'you' I mean your crew. Or do you say no external crews ever ?

It's different with each crew, so it's best to raise the issue, before you're forced into making a decision, usually on short notice.

Like, oh Pae and Sarah are doing Scooters new video, but Pae's busted his foot, do you want the job ? They need you tomorrow.

What would you say ... ?

What if it was you and you even started the crew...?

It gets complicated real fast.

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default Re: are you allowed?

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