Shufflestyle from 1999

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default Shufflestyle from 1999

Post by Julzifer on Fri 02 Jul 2010, 22:15

Something from the Past - at that time you learned this still while celebrating without Tutorials.

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default Re: Shufflestyle from 1999

Post by Garry on Sat 03 Jul 2010, 08:46

Are you sure you were shuffling in 1999? It would be more convincing if the video was shot in 1999.

This shuffling looks more like scooters vid with pae and sarah type of oldskool shuffling. You can tell they're not real oldskoolers (they're too young), but doing a fair job of shuffling in the oldskool style.

Real oldskool shuffling used arms a lot and was much wilder, more fire and passion, more moves, jumps, spins, stomps etc. much more variety and experimentation.

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